Over the past five years, this event has consistently delivered the highest quality of information sharing and networking opportunities and has become the #1 meeting place for the regions most influential CIOs, CISOs and senior executives in the North African banking sector.

The 6th edition of the Banking Technology North Africa Summit will take place from 15-16 January 2018 in Cairo, Egypt, and will gather senior level stakeholders throughout the banking technology value chain in the region to network, collaborate and address the race to become the most advanced North African bank and harnessing the upside of the digital revolution.

Featured speakers from 2016 include:

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Top reasons to attend:

Don’t miss this year's event covering a series of pressing industry challenges, trends and innovations in mobile and online banking; authentication, mobile wallets, block chain technology, mobile payments, user experience, cloud computing, analytics and more.

Each of our events combine structured networking with in-depth case studies and interactive sessions to ensure each attendee leaves with a stack of business cards and proven strategies ready to drive their business forward and the 2017 edition is going to be even more exciting!

Establish methodologies to back up data and revamp infrastructure more effectively to make operations more efficient

Distinguish among the various ATM and ITM advancements so you can replace costly and ineffective branches with innovative teller machines

Explore ‘smart branch’ technologies that reduce human capital overhead and equip customers with self-help services

Reveal ways to integrate your Islamic banking and conventional banking systems for expedited processes

Learn how to empower your customer with different mobile and internet payment and transfer options through POS and mobile wallet capabilities in order to diversify your bank’s offerings and improve customer satisfaction

Gather ways to protect, secure, and safeguard your bank’s and customers’ information through advanced protocols in order to combat APT and cyber security attacks

Uncover middleware and core banking implementation strategies in order to integrate systems to ultimately unveil customer behaviour and increase retention rates

Who will you meet?

Coastal Surveillance

Bank CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CISOs, and Heads of Business Transformation and Innovation

Maritime Security

ATM/ITM innovators

Humanitarian Assistance

Heads of IT, IT Managers, and Software Developers

Maritime Domain Awareness

Core, mobile, and internet banking providers

EEZ Protection

Cyber security implementers

Naval Firepower

Central bank directors and officials

Naval Procurement & Assets

Middleware and server integrators

The region's premier meeting place for stakeholders in Egypt's banking industry




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